Matt Marchand

Industrial Designer


Recently graduated Industrial Design from SJSU, where I focused on using sustainable materials, artificial intelligence and a passion for simplicity to make great things. Was working on the family farm way up North in Quebec, Canada when I got hired at Dick's Sporting Goods to design Outdoor gear! It's a blast, I'm learning so much.

Before the final semester I was an ID Intern at IDEO, in San Francisco for six months, where I gained experience on a wide range of projects, from designing consumer electronics for large companies, to user-research in Peru for a startup. 


Before that I interned six months at SLIMDESIGN, in Amsterdam, where I got to wear many hats designing and developing consumer electronics with a hands on team. In my time there I learned a lot about rapid project development by working with manufacturers and engineers to solve complex mechanical and electrical design problems. 

I love animals, surfing with old friends, and being married to my childhood crush and brilliant ceramicist (Kate Marchand). I enjoy learning and working with passionate people. Make sure to say hi below. Cheers.