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Hi, I'm an Industrial Design student living and working in California

Hey, how's it going! I'm Matt Marchand.


Welcome to my little space on the web.

Feel free to poke around. 


Just a heads up I'm still building this site out in my spare time, so not everything might work or have content. 

In the meantime, here are some things I love!

  • Surfing with close friends

  • Sketching in unfamiliar cafes

  • Unsyncopated air drum solos


About Me
Project List

Salt water purifying tool designed for maintaining adventures off the grid.

Designed for traveling parents. 

Collapsible E-ink journal phone case for thoughts and sketches on the go. 

Chronological collection of every project

You know, design stuff.

You know, about me stuff.

You know, thought stuff.


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Thank you!

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