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Agrocybe Praecox

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

I find these fungi growing everywhere. They're called Agrocybe Praecox and supposedly they're bitter, but edible, with a floury flavor.

Using this I made a spore print.

When in doubt, don't handle fungi. Some can be toxic.

I have been enjoying finding relevant ways to incorporate the highly unusual configuration we call fungi:

  • Use in design as a material

  • Use to process and decompose waste

  • Use for flavor and texture in cooking

  • Use for medicine and healing

  • Use for reference as a system:

  • Dissemination / Spores

  • Organization / Mycellium

  • Structure

  • Built: Over hours, to years

  • Build: Gelatinous to flexible to fiberous to rock hard

  • Weight to Strength: Great ratio

  • Location: Located worldwide

They are quite the fascinating friends, and it is a delight whenever they spring up overnight in our garden. Fungi, rock.

- Matt

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