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Canon Powershot

I take a lot of photos. Almost all of them from my phone. The other day Kate found her old Powershot. I immediately commandeered it for experimental purposes. While I like taking photos, I don't like being tied to a phone.

So this past weekend I left the phone and home and opted for Powershot produced pics.

Some shots:

If you are wondering where that funky numbers courtyard is, it's at CMU, located here:

As photography is devalued through an enormous quantity of content creation worldwide, I think the value will be found in "difficult" photography. Things like polaroids, disposable cameras, film cameras, and other less forgiving mediums that incentivize skill and being in the moment.

Perhaps the greatest changes won't come to the cameras, but to how we process, distribute and consume photos.

I have a certain desire to cease "capturing" all together and simply sketch the moments I want to remember... This would allow for artistic interpretations of the past, as well as a more "memorable" experience for me, who, while sketching, must observe all the living details in a way that a camera never could, gleaning treasures along the way.

- Matt

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