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Favorite Albums

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

List of my favorite Albums (Favorite "Songs" & "Artists" on a very different list ). These are records that I play frequently from start to finish. In no particular order:

"Purgatory" - Tyler Childers

"Malibu" - Anderson Paak.

"Black Messiah" - D'Angelo & Vanguard

"Paradise Valley" - John Mayer +

"Yeezus" - Kanye West +

"AM" - Arctic Monkeys

"Coming Home" - Leon Bridges +

"The Shepherd's Dog" - Iron & Wine +

"Take Care" - Drake

"good kid, m.A.A.d city" - Kendrick Lamar +

"Golden Hour" - Kacey Musgraves

"College Dropout" - Kanye West +

"Gossip in the Grain" - Ray LaMontagne*

"Watch the Throne" - Jay Z / Kanye West +

"Innerspeaker" - Tame Impala +

"The Sideline Story" - J. Cole +

"Bixby Canyon Bridge" - Death Cab for Cutie

"Rumors" - Fleetwood Mac

"Paracosm" - Washed Out

"Rodeo" - Travis Scott +

"Section.80" - Kandrick Lamar +

"Crack-Up" - Fleet Foxes +

"The Carter III" - Lil Wayne


"No Ceilings" - Lil Wayne +

"Da Drought 3" - Lil Wayne +

"In Between Dreams" - Jack Johnson + "A Hard Day's Night" - The Beatles +

"Greatest Hits"* - James Taylor

"Nostalgia Ultra" - Frank Ocean

"Peace is the Mission" - Major Lazer

"KOD" - J. Cole +

"Songs We Sing" - Matt Costa

"Groovy People" - Marc E. Bassy

"Testing" - A$AP Rocky +

"Wolfmother" - Wolfmother

"Trouble" - Ray LaMontagne +

"Coloring Book" - Chance the Rapper +

"Graceland" - Paul Simon +

"Vampire Weekend" - Vampire Weekend

"DANCEHALL" - The Blaze

+ [ Love all or most of their albums ]

* [ Compilation album, wouldn't normally count it, but I own a copy and love it, so...]

I'm probably forgetting a bunch, but for now that's the jist of it. Sure, most of these albums are recent, and almost none of them are underground. I am sure if I was alive in the 60's etc I'd have more classics in my list. Though in my opinion, all the records above are classics.

Thanks for reading!

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