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Growth Gif

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Practiced making some gifs with the Flipbook feature from SketchbookPro.

Starting with this cowboy gif:

I found an image of cowboys online, imported it into SketchbookPro, put some cactus in the background and foreground and 'animated' the moving horse legs. Took ~30 min start to finish.

After the cowboy gif I tried making one with my ISO grid in the back and a topic that interests me in the front. The idea of a seed popping in and out of the ground as it goes along life's journey seemed like a neat way to test a looping gif... And here it is:

The flow of the animation was something I wanted to get right, as well as the exaggerated physics of things 'bursting' into other things. This meant dynamic movement and shapes 'bouncing' which is something I learned about from old Disney animation videos.

I've been exploring animation since I was a kid but this was my first time back in a while. I am not sure I will keep doing it, but if I ever need to tell a story that requires movement, I know what to do, kind of.

Like the growth gif above, keep growing.

Keep hurling yourself into the unknown.



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