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Presenting Differently

Lately I've been pushing myself to try new ways of doing things. For this round of ideation we were to take three previous concepts and build on them, selecting one to be the final product. "Ritual" - More meaningful morning. "Seated" - Functional furniture "Bristle" - Sustainability for handles

Some things aren't different. Like the text explaining what each things does. Or the mood images. What I did try to do differently was combine photos of mockups with sketching, while doing the mockups out of entirely sustainable materials. Often we use foams, which cannot be recycled. (Polystyrene for example) So I went on a hike with my wife, and along the way picked up branches and stones to be used for the Bristle concept. Not only was it fun to scavenger hunt forms for the designs, it was inspiring. I loved looking at natural elements and learning from the way biology had some branches spinning and others covered in funky cool moss, like a fanyc CMF detail. For the others I used paper and balsa wood. While these are not as sustainable as things off the ground, they are non chemical and can be recycled or used at the next camping fire. Visually I departed from my norms of having everything perfectly aligned, which felt weird, but I like how it looks. The overlapping images give it a rough unpolished look which conveys the fact that they are concepts still. Always learning, always trying. Cheers. - Matt


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