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Built this tote and brand with my buddy Stefan, with the sole purpose of carrying goods, good. It is proudly made in the USA with rugged, durable materials and at $45 this is the best darned tote we ever made. Especially works well with scooter commutes.

 I use mine everyday as a lightweight work 'briefcase', since it's slim profile perfectly fits my laptop, iPad, headphones, notebooks and snacks - and it looks cool.

Our Cary Goods Tote - for all the random times you need to carry goods, good.
Visit our page for all the deets: Cary Goods

Cary Goods - The Tote

  • Designed with scooters and simplicity in mind. Sure, you could throw it on some bike handlebars too. Or next to you on a bus. However you decide to use it, the Cary tote just carries goods, good. Fill it up with groceries. Sports balls - whatever you want. Stacks of hundred dollar bills? Cute puppies? Ice cold Champagne? You name it.  The Cary C in the front reflects light for added safety on the move. Front pocket packs smaller items like cells phones or shoes. Adjustable shoulder straps in case you've been working out a lot or wearing puffy jackets.

  • Super tough materials like 1000 denier Cordura and Ripstop. Stain and tear resistant. 'Tear' like 'rip'. Not 'tear' like 'crying', but it's tough enough that it probably wouldn't cry, even if it could. 

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