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Custom set of digital sketch tools for Procreate on the iPad. Curated and refined to include the (9) brushes I use every day for Industrial Design work and Children's book illustrations! Each brush emphasizes texture and functions in a different way. The brush titles are my way of sharing what part of the process I use the brush for. 

  • (3) "Explore" brushes for getting the ideas out there.
  • (3) "Define" brushes for cleaning up the page
  • (3) "Refine"brushes for texture and finishing touches.


Sketch Tools - Procreate

  • Images shown are examples of brushes in use. Each brush has a specific purpose, that work together to create a compelling visual. I will be releasing videos to demonstrate the function of each, and thinking behind it.

  • This set of brushes are designed for use in Procreate, on the iPad. Add item to cart, checkout, and you will be given a link to download a zip file containing the brush set. After unzipping this file, open Procreate and select "Import" in the main menu. 

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