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What is Roam?

your subscription service for living anywhere.

Start roaming in 2030.








"Bay Area drivers in 2016 spent an average 59.5 minutes each day in cars and on transit, which together add up to nearly 465 days of our lives spent commuting." Source

"The Bay Area accounted for a whopping 44 percent of the jobs added in all of California during November, totaling 4.1m in an already dense area ~1,000x4,100km. Source 1,2,3

The median rent price in San Francisco is $4,500, the median home is about  1.5 million, To find affordable living some must change work or move. Source 1,2,



•  Rising city living costs

•  Increased working from home

•  Value shift from possessions to experiences

•  Autonomous vehicle advancements

The culmination of these factors indicates a need for autonomous mobile living solutions, and with it, the need to Roam.



With locations all over the world, the question is - where would you Roam next?


Visiting the office in San Francisco next week?
Roam has you covered.


San Francisco, California Population: 900K

Median Home: 1.5M

Roam Locations: 633

"I'm in town for a few days..." 

Roam offers locations in cities worldwide using AI & real time data processing to find the best prices for the times you need.



Roam uses an Ising  market pricing structure with blockchain integration designed to balance out heatmapped pricing over time. 

Roam-RR-Structure A.54.png
Looking to get out of the city?




Lodi, California
Population: 65k

Median Home: 360K

Roam Plots: 1,200+

"I'm looking for a change of pace..." 

Though cities are centers of work, small communities offer affordable properties and balance to a fast paced life with friends and family.


Roam-RR-Charge A.png

Roam connects autonomous home owners with Host locations all over the world.

Have the space for a mobile home?

Want to escape for the weekend?



Sierras, California

National Park

Average RV Site: $60/Day


"I'm looking to get away..." 

Sometimes we just need to escape and get off the grid a bit. Roam makes those weekend trips simple. Don't worry about driving, flying, finding a hotel, or even packing. Now your home base, and all your gear, goes with you.

Roam Stoarage™ launching 2031


Roam brings you the best Pilot pricing by partnering with leading AV Manufacturers to get your home anywhere there's a road.*

*Autonomous home servicing limited to paved roads. Aerial & 4x4 servicing to begin Spring 2031. 

Roam-RR-Pilot A.png

"If you want to live someplace permanently, consider a condo. If you want to live anywhere, consider Roam."

Roam-RR-Home A.53.png
✔ Compliant
✔ Compatible
✔ Comfortable

Roam's platform is fully compliant with NSTA regulations, and are compatible with the 2027 Autonomous Mobile Home Standards.

Don't have a Mobile Home yet?

Here are some of our favorite brands to get you started:


"I have a mobile home, now what?"


Roam coordinates between Property Owners and Market Data to provide subscribers with the most affordable rates in locations all over the world.

This project was an exercise in Art Direction and Digital Skills. Emphasis on branding, storytelling, system design, web design and video production. I hope you enjoyed it.

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Special Thanks & Attribution

Jim Shook -  Advisor

Google Earth Studio  - Visuals

Brand Sites - Images

SJSU ID - Facilities & Time
Adobe Suite - Digital Tools

Kate Marchand - Support

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